Choosing Your Contractor

How to Choose a Contractor for your Project

Things to keep in mind:

1. Check that all potential contractors are state licensed.
2. Make sure licenses are current and active. To check please click here.
3. Check that all potential contractors are insured to protect yourself and your investment.
4. Ask for references. A legitimate contractor will be happy and enthusiastic about providing references or testimonials from previous work.
5. Obtain written estimates from all potential contractors. These estimates should be thorough and include line items like: work to be done, materials, completion date and total cost. This step is the most important. Make sure your estimate is for the complete work and has not been set with a low price. Many companies will estimate intentionally low in an effort to obtain the job they are bidding on with the intention of raising the price once the job is underway in order to complete it. This will end up costing YOU more money in the long run and delay the estimated project delivery date!
6. Become aware of the Florida Construction Lien Law. To do so, click here.
7. For all other questions please do not hesitate to contact us!