• Client Login

    Client Login Page For all PCI projects we create a custom password protected webpage for our clients. This webpage will allow for our clients to privately stay up to date on everything regarding their projects, from images to stages of completion!

  • Construction Management

    Construction Management: At Progressive Construction, Inc. we offer decades of experience in construction management which is, to PCI, the overall control of a project from beginning to completion. As construction managers, we see to it that your project gets built above and beyond your expectations and that is correct the […]

  • Historic Renovation & Restoration

    Historic Renovation and Restoration: At Progressive Construction, Inc. we offer historic renovation and restoration services. There is great value in a home that has aged. The preservation and renovation of the original elements, as well as with the enhancement of the overall stance of the building, are our priorities when […]

  • Pre-construction

    Pre-construction: At Progressive Construction we think it is essential for our clients and ourselves to be involved in the entire process of building to ensure coordination and the utmost quality. Our pre-construction services are oriented to assist the client from the very beginning, during project conception. This will help the […]

  • Design

    Design: At Progressive Construction, Inc. we have many years of residential design-build experience, ranging from modest villas to high-end luxury homes. We offer design for all types of residential applications. Using the most cutting edge Building Information Modeling (BIM) technology, we have the ability to design and provide our customers […]

  • Construction Administration

    Construction Administration: At Progressive Construction, Inc. we offer construction administration services, including owner/client representation. These services included the following and more: 1. Progress reports 2. Coordination of unpredicted construction processes 3. Coordination of client/owner changes 4. Direction of in house personnel 5. Coordination between architect engineer and builder 6. Review […]

  • Construction

    Construction: Progressive Construction, Inc. provides full construction services for any project we are presented with. Our abilities are backed by over 30 years of experience in all facets of construction and in every step of the process.

  • Choosing Your Contractor

    How to Choose a Contractor for your Project Things to keep in mind: 1. Check that all potential contractors are state licensed. 2. Make sure licenses are current and active. To check please click here. 3. Check that all potential contractors are insured to protect yourself and your investment. 4. […]

  • Additions and Renovations

    At progressive construction we have extensive experience in additions and renovations to existing homes. Many people want the rewards and customized experience of new construction but without the cost and time associated with it. PCI specializes in transforming your existing home into whatever suites your future needs. Whether it is […]