Building a place you can call home is a very complex and sometimes intimidating process. At PCI we understand this and will guide you through every step of design-build, making your home building experience incredibly enjoyable and completely unique to you.

Design Build

How can you bring your idea of a future home, renovation, or addition to life?

There are many steps that a project must go through. These steps consist of Planning, Design, Permitting and Construction. PCI offers services to cover each of these areas. Additionally, we offer our clients complete design-build services.

Design-build services combine both the design and planning parties with the construction and building parties from the very beginning. This process makes for an in-house team effort between all bodies of the project.

In a traditional project, there are multiple parties involved in individual elements of the process which are all managed and coordinated by the client. For example: The architect and engineers are responsible for the initial design and drawings only. Once complete, they pass on their design for the next party to deal with.

Our design-build service differs in that it places responsibility for the entire of the project on a single source, the design-build contractor. This eliminates the complications of the client having to deal with and coordinate multiple parties. The design-build contractor establishes a team who all work together from the start.

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